A busy week

A busy week this week, work has been manic as it has been for a couple of months now. New technology is not without its problems.
The highlight of the week is my Friday night visit to the radio club, I have recently joined Harlow and District Amateur Radio club (HADARS). I did my radio foundation licence here but never felt like joining because of the ill feeling at the club, this has all changed and things are certainly on the up at G6UT. I enjoy the camaraderie here and it really is a mixed bunch, all men ranging from mid 30’s to mid 70’s and there is always a good atmosphere and its a great place to get advice. Joining HADARS has re-sparked my interest in radio.
I had this weekend off so the missus let me spend it tidying the shack on the proviso that I do a couple of dump runs on the Sunday, all duly done.
Spent all day Sunday on the radio, mostly 20 metres, mostly PSK, managed to add a new country to the log, after trying unseccesfully for about 40 minutes to get through to a Lebanese station I managed to drop onto an Armenian station, good report back 15 watts on 20 metres.
Hoping to try the FT-817 out in the coming weeks.

Above is a picture of the 80m MKARS tranceiver I have just built, unfortunately it appears to be deaf, so a few evenings will be spent trying to get to the bottom of the fault, more to follow in due course.

The tidied shack above, left to right: Ascom 4m transceiver, top Icom 910HX 2m/70cm/23cm Transceiver, FT-950 HF & 6m transceiver

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