Feeling Fine

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I have been looking forward to the radio clubs field weekend for most of the month. Last weekend it finally came, a few of us met up at the club at 08:30 and loaded up the cars before we set off for Aylmers Farm about 3 miles away. I ended up with most of the heavy gear as I have a landrover.  We got to Aylmers about 10am and five of us set about  putting the station together. We put up a 30ft mast and strung up a full size G5RV between the trees and the mast. We managed to get it all together in about an hour, and considering one of the five of us is in his late 70’s, I think that’s good going.

I haven’t been camping for years, probably since 1978,  so I set about putting up my new tent next to Odin (my landrover) it went up easier than I thought. After I’d set the tent up islet about trying out a portable mast I’d bought a couple of years ago. I bought this from another amateur and it is a 27ft ex military mast. The guy who had it before me really looked after it and all parts were present and working, we put another G5RV and inverted it running NW to SE which is about 180 degrees different to the other antenna.

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