Feeling Fine ptII

After the antennas were set up and all the tent/gazebos erected the fun began.

I had a try at running my 817 on wspr through the n/s G5RV.  Once again plenty heard but no one hearing me. I gave up we even had a go at setting up on top band but problems with the atu put paid to that. I will measure the cable for the next trip and with my new qrp atu for the 817 and this should improve our chances.

The radios were running all day and I never ended up on the hf until about 22:30. I took over on 80 metres and couldnt believe the response we had. I have never worked a pile up before and it was great fun, I worked the icom until about just after midnight having worked stacks of uk stations including a few European stations. It’s the first time I have worked 80 and was wishing I could work it from home, good contacts all quite chatty, proper radio.

I passed the radio back to Colin G0MGU who went on to 20m and worked a VK station.

I turned in to my sleeping bag at about 01:30 and slept very well.

The following morning I worked a station in north Carolina without the amp, quite pleased about that. 

All in all a fantastic weekend, the Harlow club is an odd mix of men but somehow it seems to work very well. I can’t wait for the next trip in August.


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