Not quite what I had planned

I was planning a trip up the boat this weekend, but I have somehow managed to strain my back, so that put paid to that idea. I was aiming to take the 817 up to the coast on Sunday morning for some qrp on the pro whip, still never mind theres always another weekend.

So I spent the weekend hobbling around playing a bit of radio at home. I also put a new counter on my qrz page this meant loosing all my map data, but the new map counter has the initials of each country making it easier for me to work out who has visited.

Six metres is still dead so I had a play around on HF, it was quite active with two new countries added to my list Iceland and Turkey, I also managed a contact on Svalbard, last contacted in 2007.

Next weekend is HADARS field weekend at Aylmers farm, one problem however, after dropping my daughter off for work this morning I heard a sickening clunk and noticed that Odin was crabbing and wandering alarmingly. On inspection when I got home, the n/s radius arm had broken, so I need to fix this before next Saturday, which will be a challenge with my back.

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