Aylmers Farm (again)

It only seems a couple of weeks ago we were last here but on Saturday I found myself again loading up Odin and John(OSI’s) trailer and heading for Aylmers farm. Spinning back a bit though I did manage to replace the broken radius arm encountered the weekend before.

There weren’t as many of us this weekend as there was in July, but this was to be expected considering we are now at the height of the holiday season and we were only here a few weeks ago.

The set up was the same as the previous visit and also gave me the chance to try out my Pro-Whip with my 817 and do a little QRP. I managed a couple of lighthouses in Holland and Germany but the clubs main rig was running a bit of power and the littl 817 couldn’t handle it with bleed over on most bands. I also ran the rig on WSPR for a couple of hours on sunday morning but without any luck, I seemed to be picking up some interference which effected the de-coding process, this may be down to my laptop which I will look into this weekend.

Anyway once a again a great weekend was had albeit it with a smaller group than before, but once again still a great deal of fun. The only thing I kicked myself over was that I turned in about one o’clock with not much happening on the radio. Dave (AGX) who works night and had finished one that morning decided to stay up and play around with the radio. I woke up at 6am and heard him finishing up a QSO with a VK station and when I looked at the log, he had a few US stations, Guadalupe, Argentina as well as working Wolverhampton on 2m using simplex, I am gutted that I missed that.

Its a shame that we have no more field trips planned this year, so it looks like I’ll be doing a bit of portable on my own.

I’m off up to the boat tomorrow so will give the po-whip and 817 a go while I’m up there and although I’m back on Friday afternoon the weekend is looking reasonably open for some radio.

On another good note I got an email this week from Chelmsford ARC to say they will be running CW classes as from the week after next, that’s my Thursday evenings covered for the next couple of weeks/months.

I’ll fill you in on events nautical when I get back

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