Radio, radio, radio

I started my CW lessons this week with Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society at Danbury village hall.

After a bit of confusion, I ended up in the foundation licence class, anyway I found the classroom and we got started straight away. The class is a mixed bunch with complete novices to hams who have been at it years. The instructor is a guy called Andy Kelsey and seems a very approachable  chap who despite his obvious abilities and experience with morse is very humble and quick to put you at your ease. The class consists of a round robin with Andy firing of from a list of 5 characters and each of us having to answer in turn. After we have done this for a bit we then have to write down the characters as he taps them out this lasts for about ten minutes and starts at about 1 wpm and increases until we all give up. For the first time in ages I have some homework, the letters T,M,O & 0. I can’t wait till next Thursday.

I received an email this week from one of the radio clubs I belong to telling me that they are going to hold the advanced radio licence exam in October. After some deliberation I have put my name forward for testing. I have now got to get my head back in the books in preparation for the exam, it’s going to be hard.

A good night up at HADARS on Friday night, with a good turnout, I never left till nearly quarter to one

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