Dah di Dah

I am now four weeks into my CW class, totally enjoying its there is homework to do and this keeps me busy in the evenings. I am happy with the speed I am picking it up but am just getting to the difficult characters now, namely BJ16, which are all quite similar.

The advanced licence exam is fast appearing on my horizon, and I’m not holding my breath for the outcome. Parts of the revision just isn’t making any sense so I expect to fail, however I will book the next exam straight after.

Work is very brisk at the moment with the company’s financial year end coming up at the end of September there is still quite a lot to do.

I took my old dog to the vet the other day to see if he could have some teeth removed, unfortunately they advised against it due to his age and frailty. I know that the time is coming for me to make the big decision about him but I am holding off till I really have to, and while he seems reasonably happy at the moment I’ll let him plod on.

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