Well the day of my advanced licence exam arrived and I made my way to Chigwell to the LEFARS club house. I got there with 10 minutes to spare, I was the last to arrive and I would be doing the exam with to other amateurs.

The exam lasted two hours and I used most of that time as I had to correct my exam sheet as I had used the correction box to give my answers, so I had to go through each question again to try to help the poor girl who would end up marking my sheet to make sense of it.

I came away from the exam with the normal feelings of doubt, and made my way home. We were told that there were only about 20 people nationwide sitting the exam so the results should be back the middle of the following week. I started checking the website almost hourly on the Wednesday and nothing changed. I did the same again on the Thursday still no change and then Irecieved some news that depressed me. I got a group email from LEFARS to state that the other two guys I sat the test with had passed and gave me there new callsigns. As there was no notifiaction on the Ofcom website I took this as proof that I had failed. Ofcom would send a failure notice by post in due course, so I resigned myself to getting my nose back in the books with a view to re-sitting the exam in December.

Another week passed and the dreaded letter from Ofcom arrived, the wife gave it to me and I put it to one side, I new what it would say so thought no more of it. At the weekend I was going through all the letters I put to one side and saw the Ofcom one so thought I better open it, it may give me an indication on what I failed on. On opening the letter I was very suprised to see that I had in fact passed the test, I was looking at the wrong part of the Ofcom website. So 2E0VLT is now M0PHO, the only downside was that I wanted the VLT suffix as I have used it on my previous calls. Unfortunately a guy from the West Country claimed it a couple of weeks before I took the exam.

Anyway, I am pleased with my new call and even happier that the full licence allows me to operate through the full radio spectrum including applying for other frequencies for experimental purposes. I am also now allowed to run with 400 watts. All in all a good result.

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