My Sweetest Friend

November has been a hard month for me. Over the past 4 weeks we have come to realise that my dog Sam was coming to the end of his life. We had him for over 15 years and he had a good life, but it never makes the decision any easier.

I took him up the boat for the last time and basically let him do what he wanted and spoiled him rotten.

The day came and we took him off to the vets, it was very peaceful and he was calm,  he died in my arms. He left me with a head full of happy memories, he was a dog I never wanted and wasn’t meant to have, but he certainly turned that around he became a true member of the family and had a special place in all our hearts. I will never forget him and he has left a hole that cannot be filled. We will get another dog but it will be something different to Sam.

Sam’s ashes now have pride of place on my bookcase.


Sam taking it easy

 RIP Sam

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