New Addition

Well I lasted about about three weeks. The house without Sam seemed very empty, I spend a fair amount of time working from home and it just seemed strange without a dog rumbling around the house. I have had dogs all my life and being without one at this stage didn’t seem right. So after talking it through with Lesley we went off and got another dog.

We opted for a Chocolate labrador as I enjoy walking and spend a fair bit of time outdoors up at my boat, so a Chocolate Lab seemed the ideal choice.

It didn’t take long and I’d found an ad for a male puppy in Wickford, about an hour away from me. The lad came from two working dogs and from a litter of 5, 4 of which were bitches. We wnet down to see him and Lesley fell in love with him straight away.

The breeder was a very nice chap and was genuinely sorry to see the pup go.

We decided to name him Alf, our best dogs have all had human names.

Alf at 9 weeks old

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