The year hasn’t started off quite how I wanted, and I can only hope that things settle down a bit.

Firstly problems with my car when a core plug started leaking and then a hastily replaced core plug resulted in me nearly cooking the engine. After fitting the core plug I failed to bleed the cooling system properly causing an air lock in the engine block which then blew out the new core plug. I happened to break down on a double yellow line which provoked a visit from one Harlow’s most pedantic traffic wardens, pointing out that it was irrelevant that my car had broken down, the fact of the matter was that I was stopped on a double yellow line. Lesley could see that I was starting to loose my temper with said Jobsworth and did her best a diffusing the situation. Whenever I get a fault like a core plug I always buy 2 replacements as I am inept enough to damage the first one, as luck had I had the 2nd on in the back of the car, so I was able to carry out the repair at the side of the road. My son had to get me a couple of big bottles of water from Tesco, this time I bled the system and everything was ok.

I also had a problem with the radio last week, I was in the middle of PSK31 QSO with a Ukrainian station and had just finished my 2nd over when I noticed that I had lost the other stations signal, on checking I had actually lost all other signals. I checked the SWR and it was through the roof. A quick check with the antenna analyser and it was evident that there was a break somewhere on my half size G5RV. I fixed a poor connection on one of the radials but still no joy and then on checking the ladder line it was apparent that the problem was here. Unfortunately I had no ladder line however on of the local Hams (M5SST) Dougie had a length and told me to come around and get. So thats something else on my ever growing to do list.

I have also had a re-think on getting more involved with my local radio club, recent events there have made me reconsider my previous resolution. So as stated before most resolutions fail by the second week of January.




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