Nearly February

Well, January is almost over and its been a slow month. We’ve had some snow towards the end of the month which hasn’t helped.

Today I have planned a trip to the boat, I haven’t been up since the end of November last year, so I need to see that she is still afloat. When I left her she was covered over in tarpaulins and all water inlets were sealed off. You have to remember that boats are in a constant state of sinking, There are many place that boats take on water from, the biggest one being the stern gland. This is where the propeller shaft passes from inside the boat to outside the boat below the water line. The leak should be no more than a drip every couple of hours but this can very. The water entering the boat in this manner is pumped out by a bilge pump which cuts in when the water level in the bilge reaches a certain level. Unfortunately the pump runs off the of one of the boats 12v batteries, and like all batteries they eventually run down, So I need to get up to Norfolk and get the boat running and top up the batteries.

To add to the misery, we will be taking Alfie up there with us, Alf is now 13 weeks old and can be a bit of a handful, and the thoughts of being cooped up with him on a boat for 48 hours is going to be challenging to say the least.

Last night at the club I managed to get my hands on a small mag mount antenna for my hand held radios. So the upshot is that I can now do some mobile work in the company car, which I spend more time in than the Land Rover.

I will report back after I get back from the boat, with some pictures.






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