That was Quick!!

The trip to the boat didn’t quick work out how we planned.

We set off on time and despite constant whining from Alf on the backseat we managed to make good time. A comfort stop for Alf at the monument at Elveden saw us getting to the boat around 11:30.


The moorings were snow covered with about 4-5 inches laying on the ground. Martha was covered amply with snowing making the interior like the inside of a fridge, the marina was also frozen over but had gone cloudy so was in the process of thawing out.  The boat batteries were in quite bad shape so I hooked up the shore power and switched on the charging system. While this was going on I left Lesley to get on with the fettling and fiddling that she normally does and went for a walk around the marina with Alfie. He enjoyed this and even broke the ice at the slipway. On return to the boat Lesley was quite cold but the batteries were now in decent enough shape to chance starting her up. She started but not easily. I have to run the engine to get the heaters running after they have been off for a while as electric required to get them going initially will deplete a battery and flood the heater. To cut a long story short after about 8 attempts and clouds of smoke later the heater would not light up properly. Even after I removed the plug and and cleaned it up, still no joy. The temperature on the inside of the boat was around 3-4C and with an overnight temperature forecast of -3C we decided to call it a day and go home.

The first thing I did when I got home was order a new plug on ebay which should be with me by Wednesday. So it looks like another trip up to Norfolk next Sunday to get the heating working.

Last Friday night up the radio club was good with a turnout of about 12 members, but there was a good atmosphere and it felt like the club was getting back to normal again.


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