Onwards and Upwards

There was an EGM at the radio club last night due to a couple of resignations at the last meeting.

The meeting was very well attended with I think just about all the members present, even the Treasurer turned up who only got off a 23 hour flight 12 hours before. Anyway the upshot is that I am now the Vice-Chairman of the Harlow & District Amateur Radio Society. I said before I would like to become more involved with the club and this gives me the opportunity. We’ll see how it works out.

In other news Alf started his dog training classes two weeks ago and he is doing well, he picks things up very quickly and puts quite a few of the other pups to shame. Lesley came to watch and I think she enjoyed it. Another Chocolate Lab pup turned up to training, this fella was 6 months old and more than twice the size of Alfie, which gave us a taste of things to come, Alf will be a big lad.

Work has been pretty busy lately with the workshop full most days

As you can see on the left its been a bit of a squeeze of late. We are currently renting a couple of bays out to another company to do engine changes on tours buses prior to their export to the US. But you can also see one of the Boris buses in which is having a generator changed. And two streetlites in for mods.


That’ll do for now






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