And another weekend flies by

It’s Sunday night and I’m wondering where the weekend went.

Last week was probably the worst week I’ve had in my time with Wrights, and to be honest that really is saying something as I’ve had some pretty hairy weeks in the last three years. I won’t dwell on work because I tend to spend more time at work than I do at home so the less said the better.

I was glad to see the end of the week and normal relief was found as usual at Mark Hall barn and the Friday night jaunt to the radio club. It was a fairly small turn out but we did have a laugh, I left about 11pm but some of the others were there till gone 1am.

On saturday I decided to take the new pooch for a decent walk, so I bundled him into the landrover and took him off to Epping Green to take a walk up Rye Hill. The walk was very hard going because the ground was sodden. There is a healthy dose of London clay underfoot in the Harlow area which means any rainfall at all takes an age to drain away. So off we went with me sliding all over the place, Alfie wasn’t really effected so it meant me spending most of the time trying to keep up with him. It was great to get out into the wild again and watch the wildlife. I am very interested in wild birds and have fed them in the garden for about 12 years. However the wife and daughter got a couple of cats about two years ago which saw me having to get rid of the feeders. Five minutes into our walk and I was surrounded by goldfinches and chaffinches and as we walked further it was good to see quite a few other birds, I never realised how much I missed the wildbirds until now.

Anyway we got back home after being out for nearly two hours, and this saw Alfie spend the rest of the day sleeping, so we had a bit of peace and quiet.

Managed to get a bit of radio in this weekend, mostly PSK with mostly European stations worked however I did manage a contact with a Canadian station. I also managed a QSO with a station in Devon on 40m just before leaving the shack.

So now I’m sitting here waiting to go and pick Lesley up from work contemplating getting a bottle of wine to dull the senses from what passes as Sunday night entertainment on the TV.

Workwise the coming week doesn’t look too bad, mind you I thought that last week. So all being well it should be dog training Tuesday night, morse classes Thursday night, Radio Club Friday night, Some maintenance work at the radio club on Saturday and possibly a trip up the boat on Sunday to fix the heating.

Message ends—–

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