I’t’s been nice this week with snow on Monday and Spring like conditions by the end of the week.

We had about 3 inches of snow on Monday, this made my mind up to work from home. I’ve lost a fair bit of time this winter because of inexperienced drivers driving beyond their capabilities or just driving at 2 mph just in case. So Monday saw me set up at home.

I have been putting it off for a couple of weeks now but on Wednesday Idecided to pay a visit to the boat. The idea was to put a new plug in the diesel heater so that we can have a bit of comfort when we go up next. I decided that iwas just going to be and Alf, I’ve never had him in the car for a long journey on my own before so it was something we will both have to get used to so I took the plunge and off we went. Alf was very good and slept most of the way. When we got to the boat the batteries were completely flat, I had left the radio on when I left the boat last month. I put them on charge but the reality of it is that they would not be fully charged before I had to leave to go home. So me and Alf went of to the beach for a walk

Alf at the beach

Alf wasn’t overly impressed at the beach and seemed to be humoring me as I tried to get him to go near the waters edge. He seemed much happier when we walked across the sand dunes.

Lab’s are supposed to be water dogs, my lad however would sooner walk an extra mile rather than walk through a puddle.




Morse lessons continue and my progress is slow but steady. I now have some company, one of my mates from the club joins me now, he passed the radio licence exam at a time when you had to learn morse. However he let it drop and is now catching up again after a renewed interest in the mode.

This Saturday a few of us spent some time at the radio club doing some maintenance, I ended up plumbing in a water heater and Bob wired up our new fridge. Jon, Roger and Terry also helped tidy up the shack, make tea run around for parts.

A good team effort

I did some PSK on 17 metres today nothing spectacular mostly Europe but it was good to see some activity. 17m has been fairly busy of late.

Another busy week beckons, with another trip to the boat planned to sort out the batteries.


Message ends—–



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