March! it’ll soon be Christmas

The last couple of weeks have been fairly hectic and I’m now looking forward to a couple of days off work.

anyway working my way back since the last post work continues to be stupidly mental, and this week saw me making a trip to the factory in Northern Ireland. The factory is in Ballymena which is in County Antrim. If we are trying to make comparisons with anywhere else I would have to compare it to the Bible Belt area of the US. The people here are staunchly Unionist and very conservative. I remember getting a cab into Belfast last year from Ballymena and on the run into Belfast I asked the driver if the building on the right was the Divis St flats, his answer was I have no idea I have only been here once, he lived 25 miles from Belfast.. The company put me up in the Galgorm Manor Hotel, which I’,m lead to believe is where celebrities get married. I had a cracking meal in the restaurant on the evening and had a few beers with a supplier. This sort of compensated for the long grinding day that followed. I managed to get a little bit of time to get around the factory and got a look at some of Metrolines new Boris buses going down the production line. and it wasn’t long before I was being driven back to Belfast international for the 18:35 flight back to Stansted.

Friday night is club night and it was a good turn out, I stayed till about 22:30. We played a bit of radio and some of the guys had a go at getting back to a station in Barbados, unfortunately nobody managed a QSO.

Saturday found me, the missus and Alf driving up to the boat. I’ve not been very successful lately with my boat trips, I don’t think I’ve completed any of the tasks I’ve set myself so I was really focused this time.

All went well I replaced 3 batteries, although I’m either getting older or bvatteries are getting heavier because it was a real task manouvering them onto the boat and then into the battery compartment. All was right int the end and the batteries balanced in about 4 hours, the old set took around 12 hours the last ime I connected the shore power to them. I then replaced the glow plug in the heating system and after a few attempts managed to get the system working properly. Alf also had a great time up there but took some convincing that goose shit is not one of his 5 a day.

Sunday was the Wood Green Radio Rally, one of my favourite rallies, and I didn’t fancy the trip up in the mini-bus so made my own way there. As I get older I think I am getting less and less fond of groups of people and tend to prefer my own company. Any way total spent £45, £20 for a Czech morse key and £25 for a 4 element Yagi for 2 metres. The latter means I will have to get on the roof to fit it, I’ll have to wait for Lesley to go back to work to do that, she doesn’t like me going on the roof.

So I now find myself glass of wine in hand typing out my dog looking forward to a trip to Doncaster tomorrow to take Alf up to meet the in-laws and their Springer Spaniel, its going to be fun.

Below me enjoying my breakfast at Wood Green radio rally with Bob G0AGO with his empty plate

SAM_0039 (1)

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