So after a busy weekend me the missus and the pooch set off for a couple of days to stop at the in-laws in Doncaster.

The day started out quite well but Alf was getting a bit restless once we’d been on the road for about one and a quarter hours so I decided to stop at Peterborough services, I asked Lesley to get a couple of cups of coffee while I walked Alf and we could drink them once underway again. I slipped the lead on Alf and went off to the dog walking area although Alf didn’t seem that bothered. Then it happened, while walking back to the car I lost my footing on a wet patch on the grass and my leg gave way under me and I felt it snap. While laying on the ground I could see something wasn’t right so kicked it back into line. Lesley does not drive and we knew no one in the area so I decided to make the drive back to Harlow. It was the worst hour and a half I have ever spent in a car and while I can drive a car without a clutch I had to use it as I stopped as the car I drive cannot be started without the clutch being depressed.

I arrived at Harlow hospital at about 11:30 and luckily my boy was available to help me into the hospital. After some time I was sent to x-ray and was amazed when the x-ray technician told me I had sprained my ankle. At this point I was thinking I must be getting feeble as I get older because I had never felt pain like this before. So I hobbled back off to the A & E department for some painkillers. When the A&E nurse saw the x-rays she was less than please and I was promptly put in a wheelchair and sent back to x-ray, it turned out I had broken both my leg and ankle.

I then spent the next four days in hospital while they dithered about what they were going to do with me I was discharged on Thursday evening.

So I am now struggling to get about on my crutches not looking forward to the next 6 weeks until the plaster comes off.

I should take advantage of the downtime with some morse practice as I am just about useless in every other aspect

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