Good news a last

Had my check up at the hospital today and it was good news. I was quite apprehensive going there because I had a feeling that they were going to tell me that I needed an operation on the leg. However after x-rays the doctor decided that my leg was healing well on its own and as such it could be left in the plaster for another 4 weeks for it to heal. I have done everything they told me to do by keeping it elevated and not putting any weight on it and for once it seems that its paid off.

The wife left me in Costa’s (inside the hospital) while she visited her ward to talk about time off. It was great, I have really missed being out and about people watching and not being cooped up. I have been stuck indoors f 12 days now, and I don’t think I’ve ever been housebound for that long.

To celebrate I am having a chinese takeaway tonight, although my weight loss continues one night off won’t hurt. I won’t be drinking anything, I’m dangerous enough on my crutches without getting bladdered in the process.

I have also been looking at the Funcube Dongle. I’m not a fan of SDR radio (not that I can’t be converted) and am happy twiddling with knobs  and messinig around with the vagueries of a black box radio. From what I’ve seen I can use the funcube as a scope which I can put to good use, so it looks as though that the next on my radio list. I’ll update my progress once I can manage to climb up into the shack again. I may even try to get my boy to bring my 817 down from the shack and have a go downstairs.

Message ends———–


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