Confined to quarters is not going down too well with me. The boredom is really starting to get to me now, plus there a few problems at work which could be cleared up in a few hours if I was there, but have to stand back and watch a colleague mess about with it, I know there is going to be a mess for me to clear up when I go back, assuming I still have a job.

The radio would be an ideal antidote to the boredom but I am unable to get up the ladders into my shack. The telly only keeps me amused for so long before I find myself dozing off.

So with all this in mind, today I signed up for a three month trial on For those that do not know, or CQ100 as its also known is really a VOIP application where the interface is like a HF radio and it is only accessible to licensed radio hams. Its not real radio as the conversations are transmitted via the internet as opposed to the ionosphere, but its as near to radio as I can manage at the moment.

Saying that I did have a conversation on 2 metres this afternoon with John, G1OSI, on my Yaesu handheld. I find I am unable to take part in the regular club nets on 2m as due to the low power from the handie, most of the other local stations cannot hear me.

Well its March the 23rd and it has been snowing all day today, its hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I was in my short sleeved T shirt helping out with maintenance at the radio club, apart from this spring is yet to make an impression.

I have ordered a funcube dongle from Martin Lynch and should get that about Wednesday this week so we’ll see how easy that is to use, I’ll post some photo’s once I figure it out.

I will report back once I have had a few “QSO’s” on the computer.

Message ends ————-


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