17 Days to go

It’s easter weekend and I’ve just worked out that I have 17 days to go before I get my plaster off. The boredom is really getting to me, I am sort of working from home but it is difficult as I like to be in the thick of things. It is now 11 days since I last left the house and it is grating on me, I’ll probably have to learn to drive again once I get out.

It’s been an interesting week this week apart from being stuck indoors. My funcube dongle arrived and that has been a welcome distraction, if only to highlight the fact that I can’t get to my radios. It is an interesting little gadget and I can’t wait to get it set up properly in my shack. I am using the Sharp SDR software and from what I know at the moment I feel that it could do with a bit more functionality, such as scan. However it is early yet and there may be a way to do this.

I have been having no joy with my 817, when in my shack I normally run it from my 12v psu and it runs fine, I normally charge the battery packs from the psu. I ran WSPR last sunday and was doing fine, I have two battery packs one was flat and the other went down after use. I tried to charge it from the Yaesu charger and nothing happened, the charger was working fine as I plugged it into my Yaesu handy and it was fine. Just to be safe I ordered a 3 amp PSU/Charger which arrived today and guess what? nope, that wouldn’t charge the radio either. So it looks like I’ll be without radio until my leg mends itself.

In other news I received a bit of a lift from Twitter this week, when I got an email to tell me that Suffolk Naturalist was now following me. I was quite heartened as this is my younger brother, who, quite rightfully hasn’t spoken to me for about 7 years now. When I checked he had unfollowed me as quickly as he added me, I can only assume he was looking me up and hit the follow button by mistake. It’s a shame but that’s life unfortunately.

The morse code practice is showing signs of progress this week. I have been listening at 17 words per minute for about 5 weeks now and I seemed to have hit a plateau at about 45%. This means that listening to random code over a 5 minute period I only managed to de-code 45% of it. However this week I went through the 50% mark and the last run was 57% so it is going the right way.

Anyway the weekend is here and at least I have some company during the day with Toni having a long weekend off and Patrick will be stopping over.

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