Things are looking up

Its been a pretty good week this week. It was pretty lively at home over the long weekend and even Patrick seemed to be back to his old self and having a laugh and a joke, usually at my expense.

I reduced my medication this week as well and I believe this has added to my improved demeanor. I have been on Tramadol since leaving hospital and I have reduced the dosage, I am feeling quite upbeat about things now. I have thrown myself back into work and although its difficult to be hands on when you are sitting at home it is good to be back in the thick of things. My leg seems to be feeling better and I am sleeping better at night. However Lesley is quite poorly this week, I think she has run herself down with all the extra aggravation with me being out of action. The upshot of it is that she was sent home sick from work on Wednesday which is good, because she, like me will work until she drops.

The weather seems to be on the turn now and today was quite bright, I even ventured outside to have a look around the cars, it’s silly but after being cooped up a walk around the cars outside actually makes me feel better.

My radio problems continue. After all the messing around trying to get my 817 working I resigned myself to not being able to work the radio until I can get back up in the shack. However I noticed a little MFJ qrp 40m CW transceiver for sale on ebay and managed to get it quite cheap. My thoughts were that I would be able to at least work some morse. It arrived today, minus the power supply. I have managed to get it working using the boost start pack for my car and I have a sked set up over the weekend with Bob (G0AGO). That way I can make sure its all working properly as I have a feeling it is wandering a little.

Toni has had a good week and is making plans for her holiday later in the year, Kenya looks like a distinct possibility. I envy her sometimes but that said I am pleased for her because she is so independant.

If the weather is good tomorrow I may venture out on my crutches down to the shops with Lesley, it could be fun. It is dependent on the weather though


My temporary set on the left MFJ 9040 40m low power morse transceiver, max power 5 watts although it looks to me like I can only squeeze about 2-3 watts out.

My Swedish pump key can be seen at the bottom of the picture. This was a gift from an old local ham Denny (G1SFU).

Note the cup, not enough that I have a chocolate Lab, the missus thought I also need reminding of this on the cup.

Just behind the radio you can see my non-charging 817.

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