Four more sleeps

It’s almost here, 5 more days until the plaster comes off my leg and I’m able to get around again. I’m itching to get around again and I’m feeling much better in myself, I haven’t had a painkiller in three days. I actually think the Tramadol has been keep me down, since dropping it I’m getting my energy back again. Yesterday much to Lesley’s dismay I managed to climb the ladders one legged to get some stuff down from the shack, I even took the car for a spin around the block.

Lesley was signed off work sick last week, probably run down after chasing around the house looking after me. The plus side is that I’ve had company all week.
I did a bit of WSPR today on 20 metres and managed to be heard in East Coast Australia as well as Asiatic Russia and Central US, so it looks like the band conditions are improving.

In other news, Margaret Thatcher died this week, whether you liked her or hated her you have to admit she was an iconic figure. What galls me is the “celebration” for want of a better word of the fact she has died. Its also interesting how all the so called experts, normally stand up comedians, who were about ten years old when she left office, have such an opinion on her. I suppose its fashionable, but I don’t think its necessary.

My only link to Thatcher was that I worked as a mechanic for the company that provided the coaches for her initial election campaign. I did get to within about 15 foot of her once when I attended a breakdown on one of the coaches on the campaign trail. I was moved rather sharply by a copper until she was out of the way and then I changed the tyre on the coach.

The weather seems to be on the up this week and the weekends threatens temperatures of around 20C, I’ll be looking forward to that.1393_1083520286896_1794_n






That’s me above, this bus was exhibited at the excel centre, Custom House, in the press centre for the Tour de France. One of the perks of working for TfL at the time was to move this bus around for the TdF, I managed to get my son to come with me. The bus was eventually given to Paris for their transport museum.

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