So Tuesday came and the plaster cast went. I have now been fitted with an inflatable plastic boot. I got my first good nights sleep in 6 weeks and I have been able to get out and about in the car, at last I am beginning to feel things are getting back to normal.

I’ll be glad to get back to work next week, someone from another area has been covering me in my absence and this has caused me a lot of grief, mainly due to his lack of understanding of how my area is run. So on Monday I will be back at North Wembley trying to do some damage limitation and also carry out a few disciplinaries. So I think the next couple of weeks will be a bit bumpy but hopefully it should settle down after that.

I managed to get up into the loft on Wednesday and just have a sit down with my radios. My HF radio wasn’t connected but I did fire up the VHF/UHF rig and had a chat with a couple of the lads. Unfortunately my tiger stripe plant died from lack of water due to me being unable to get up into the loft, so I’ll have to start again. While I have been recuperating I have thought of a couple of projects to get on with but not before I finish off my 80m rig, which just needs a few windings now to get it working.

I also went back to morse lesson’s this week and have moved in to the senior group. The class is smaller than the beginners one and the format is totally different and the morse more conversational but it is quite upbeat, still really enjoying it. One of my Friends Dave M6AGX joined me on the journey this week, while I have been off he has signed up to the Intermediate course also run by Chelmsford ARS.

Friday I had my first Physiotherapy session and they were quite pleased with my progress since my break, I just hope it continues.

Tonight I am off up to the radio club, I went last week and though it was great to get out I was restricted due to the plaster on my leg and relying on cabs to get me there and back, although I have to stress that I had many offers of a lifts from my friends at the club. Tonight will be better because I can get there under my own steam and I am much more mobile.


On Wednesday 11 QSL cards landed on my doormat, it always cheers me up when they turn up. All the cards were European, nothing exotic but welcome all the same.





All things being equal I should be able to get a bit of radio in this weekend which I am looking forward to.

Onwards and Upwards!

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