Mobile at Last

Busy week this week with a return to some sort of normality. I went back to work properly this week going to North Wembley on Monday. I was not looking forward to the drive but in fact it was quite easy.

Some tidying up to do, the guy who had been caretaking for me had missed quite a bit which left me with shed loads to do as well as the day to day stuff.

MY mobility has improved vastly and I’m a lot happier in myself. I managed a bit of radio this weekend, and while conditions have not been great there was still enough activity keep me happy. This morning I did some PSK 31 & 63 and was struggling a bit. I was calling CQ and only the occasional response when I saw a faint trail on my waterfall. Most of it was hard to decode and it looked like a US station, so I asked him to repeat, sure enough it was a KB5 station from New Hampshire, I only managed a quick QSO because a european station started calling on the same frequency, it was enough to exchange details and claim a QSO however.

I also worked a few European stations using voice on SSB on Saturday on 20 metres and I am planning to construct a multi-band dipole once my leg gets a little better. I also have a 2 metre Yagi antenna to build, I bought it at the Godmanchester radio rally the day before I broke my leg, so I have that to put together.

Today was a big leap for me, I managed to drive my Landrover. Since I broke my leg I have not been able to manage the full range needed to operate the clutch on Odin my old Disco. Anyway today I put my house slipper on and manged to work the clutch properly, so I’ve had a good drive about today and feel a lot better for it. I use the Landrover to do portable radio work so another option is opening up for me.


Me and ‘Titanic’ Terry at Aylmers Farm last year, Odin, my Landrover in the background. Incidentally, Terry is known as Titanic due to his knowledge of the ill fated liner and regularly visits clubs to give talks on the subject.

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