Light at the end of the tunnel

Had my second Physio session this week, and I very pleased to say that my Physio is very happy with my progress and feels that I am better than expected. I have an appointment at the fracture clinic in a couple of weeks time, but I am not expecting them to let me take the boot off yet. I can get about with the boot off but I have to be so careful not to overextend my ankle, I don’t think I can trust myself.

I have started walking Alf over the woods and it is good to start getting back to some sort of normality. Work is as busy as ever and we are now seeing the second batch of NB4L vehicles coming into London, these are going to Metroline Holloway. There is still a great deal of uncertainty about my position at the moment, but strangely enough I’m not as bothered as I would have been 12 months ago, and I really not sure why.

As far as Radio goes I have been fairly active and the bands do seem to be warming up a bit so we may have a good summer ahead. It is with this in mind that I have decided to have a change around regarding my antennas. Currently I have a vertical for 2m & 70cms, a ZL beam for 70cms and an inverted half size G5RV for HF. The 1/2 G5RV has not performed how I wanted it to so I have decided to build a multi band dipole. This will cover 20, 17,15 & 12 or 10, I haven’t decided on 12 or 10 yet. I also now have a 2m yagi, the plan is to pull down the G5RV fit the rotatator on the back of the house for VHF and UHF and connect the multi band onto the house where the rotator used to be. Anyway I’ll post up some pictures of my progress and some reports on how they are performing.

I had a dabble on the 432mhz contest this weekend and did my best distance on 70cms, I managed a qso with a station in Coventry, my previous best was Northampton.

CW lessons are going great guns at the moment and my receiving speed is getting much better. I should be on the air in the next couple of weeks I think.

I had a bit of bad news recently, one of my old workmates from British Bakeries died from cancer. He was diagnosed and given 4 weeks to live which more or less to a day was correct. Poor bastard was 56, it has given me a great deal to think about, you never know how long we are around for and maybe this has something to do with my noticeable (for me) lack of concern for my job status.

I’m quite happy as I write this on this nice Sunday night, tomorrow is bank holiday Monday so no work for me, fantastic.


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