Where did that week go!

My dog Alf seems to have issues with people and is quite timid. He is ok if the person has a dog, then he can be quite amenable, however if they are dogless then he pulls to get away and barks at them. So this week I took him work with me for a day and let him stay with me in the office.

He was a good lad but barked at anyone who came in my office, I hadn’t realised just how many people trudge up my stairs to the office every day. Anyway after a day sleeping under my desk he doesnt seem as spooked by loud noises, although he still isn’t that keen on strangers.

2013-05-08 07.42.58

Alfie on the left taking a break under my desk in the office.

I will take him to work with me regularly just to get him aclimatised to being around people.

A visit to the radio club is also on the cards.






A good night was had down the radio club this week with a couple of prospective members arriving out of the blue, plus one of my friends brought his new girlfriend along, he was a brave lad. He got a fair amount of stick for this and his girlfriend Carly wasn’t immune from the ribbing, although I have to say all credit to her she took it in good spirit. When I left the club at 23:15 it was still going in full swing, but I was tired and my bed was calling me.

On Saturday I revisited a project that has been on the back burner since before Christmas.  It is an 80m ssb transciever which I have had a number of attempts at building but have always had problems tuning it. Anyway I put the set on the back burner when I got to the part I believed I’d messed up before, which is winding coils. Its a tedious task but has to be 100% accurate to get the radio to work properly. The problem is you have to count the number of windings you put on the coil and it is so easy to get distracted, phone calls, radio contacts or you just simply start singing along to a tune on the ipad. This time I developed a foolproof method to make sure that I put the correct number of turns on the coil. I sparked the radio up today and was disappointed to find that although the radio closer to the 80 m band (3.5 – 3.8 Mhz) than my previous attempts it was still outside the band. I tried all the methods listed to try to get the frequency range down but to no avail. Not yet defeated I decided to do a search in google on frequency problems and lo and behold found an internet post from 3 years ago suggesting adjusting a particular trim pot. Sure enough once I found the pot a quick twiddle and the frequency dropped like my shares. I had had enough by the time I got the radio within the band so have called it a day for today and next week I’ll do some air testing with it and sort out the case. But at the moment it’s looking promising.

2013-05-12 17.12.04


On the left my 80m transciever showing just out of band but awaiting some fine tuning.

I have yet to do the finishing touches such as knobs and a case, but will do this once I’ve tested it on air and am comfortable that it’s working correctly




Message ends———




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