Hobbling Along

Had a check up at the fracture clinic on Tuesday, the doctor asked me to take my big boot, made me walk around for a bit, then told me I could loose the boot now, game over! So 10 weeks after breaking my leg I am now allowed to wander around without my boot, the only drawbacks are: I have a complete lack of confidence on walking over anything that is not obviously flat or unobscured by grass. And secondly it hurts like a bugger when I walk, it’s like having a badly sprained ankle. But the good thing is I don’t have to wear that bloody boot.

I had a big night up the radio club on Friday night, the week I broke my leg I was supposed to pick up my 10wpm morse certificate at Chelmsford radio club. Andy my teacher told me  that he wanted to do this to submit the news to  the various radio publications to enhance and publicize the work of Essex CW Amateur Radio Club (ECWARC). I made my apologies and put it to the back of my mind. On returning to CW lessons Andy was badgering me about coming to my club to do the now belated presentation, I really wasn’t that bothered, I have long been a believer in “success is its own reward” and don’t really feel the need for certificates and such. Andy continued to badger me and I eventually relented after realising that the publicity may be good for the club. So Friday night came and we had a visit from all the dignitaries of ECWARC including one of my classmates.

The upshot was that I got my 10wpm certificate as did Bob, but then I was told I was also being awarded the G4OAD award for the student who showed the most promise. (G4OAD was a silent key, who, when he died his family donated his key for an award to be continued in his name. So for the next year I have G4OAD’s old morse key which has pride of place on my mantlepiece. Pictured below

2013-05-18 12.31.27







Below a picture of me with Bob G0AGO, and ECWARCS guys Steve G4ZUL and Andy G0IBN

2013-05-17 20.42.16








Sunday saw nine of the club members getting the minibus up to Dunstable Downs Radio Rally , this one is a particular favourite of mine. This is the first time I have taken the minibus with the lads, we had a scream. There is something about being with a bunch of blokes with no women around just cracking jokes and taking the mickey out of each over. The general language would make a docker blush, but there was a few occasions I thought I was going to have a heart attack because of something someone said. I struggled a bit with my gammy leg but had a good time, I spent about forty quid which is an all time low for me. I didn’t really need anything so just picked up some bits and pieces, namely: 25m of braided antenna cable, a name/callsign badge, a couple of coax test points some drawers for the shack. I arrived back home about 2:30 having had a good day.

Now to think about work for next week.


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