Bank Holiday Weekend

The bank holiday weekend finally arrived and for once we had a bit of half decent weather. My daughter, Toni blitzed the back garden, we decided some time ago to open up the borders and plant some stuff to add a bit of colour. I concreted over the borders when I paved the garden in 1995, I only put a crust on them and Toni made short work of breaking it up to expose the dirt. She promptly set about planting and digging up old shrub roots and by the Sunday the garden was looking much better, it still has a way to go but I reckon a couple of hours every weekend and we should have it looking great by the end of June.

Bank holiday Monday we took the pooch up to Doncaster to see the in-laws, the last time I did this I ended up breaking my leg at Peterborough services. Strangely enough I had quite a few reservations about going up, I think the accident had a bigger impact phsychologically than I had thought. We stopped overnight and had a great time the two dogs got on well but Alf does seem to have developed and aversion to people. Another bonus from our visit was meeting up with Lesley’s brother Ian who we hadn’t seen for about 22 years, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since we last met and I’m hoping that things work out and that they can establish a relationship again.


Alf and Benjie both knackered after a game of fetch.





We took off for the boat on Tuesday morning, the journey from Doncaster to Stalham is not a good one, most of the route is single carriageway and you have to share the road with vast number of agricultural vehicles and artics loaded with sugar beet. All this makes for a slow journey 3 hours 45 minutes, I wasn’t too bothered as I knew it was going to be a drag.

We got to the boat before lunch and we soon had the covers off and Lesley was inside dusting and cleaning up the inside of its winter grime. I fitted the new rear canopy I had made locally and it fitted well except that the man had left one of the eyes off. I will get someone to do this more local to Stalham.

Photo 28-05-2013 12 29 09

Left: new stern canopy








We hadn’t been at the boat more than an hour and a Kingfisher landed on the boat as bold as brass and continued to fish from my pulpit, he had obviously been using our boat in our prolonged absence. He or She turned up regularly over the next few days but I never got a photo of the little chap. I will give it a go with the camera but going by my last attempts when two otters turned up at my boat and I managed to make it look like a giant slug with the lens.

The dog fitted in well with our plans and he had soon mastered getting on and off the boat and had us running around after him. I managed a little bit of radio while I was up there and  had a morse QSO with a Swedish station (SE6Y) using only 2.5 watts on 30 metres.

Photo 28-05-2013 15 43 44

Alf wearing Sams old lifejacket, it is a bit small on him so we’ll have to get a bigger one








We came back home on the Thursday afternoon nicely rested, we would have liked to have stayed longer but unfortunately a couple of long standing commitments put paid to that.

Photo 28-05-2013 18 14 15


Left: Alf, exhausted after this weeks shenanigans.







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