At the boat again!!!!

After a completely horrendous week at work, I was really glad that Friday had arrived. I do a strange job in that I expect to get a kicking from our customers from time to time, the thing that galls me is when I get it from my colleagues over circumstances beyond my control. This week I very nearly lost my temper with my boss, and that normally makes me question my reasons for staying in the job. Still the answer to that one is for another time.

Anyway Friday came and I’d taken the afternoon off to make the trip up to Norfolk again to visit Martha. We left Harlow in 22 C and brilliant sunshine, to arrive two and a half hours later at Stalham with 13 C and overcast.

It was great to be on the boat again and Alf settled in immediately. The moorings were quite busy and our Kingfisher put in quite a few appearances. I’m getting used to him now and know when to look out for him because of his short outbursts which to me sound like little shrieks, as soon as I hear this I quickly scan around and can normally spot him. He/She tends to use about three routes to traverse the moorings.

There were a few new faces at the moorings and quite a few old ones returning. It’s always nice to see some of the old faces returning after the winter, some of our neighbours are getting on a bit and the winter can change a few things. Anyway up to now it looks like all of ours have made it for another summer.

My maintenance this week mostly involved cleaning the boat and topping up the water tank, both tasks that took it out of me due to my crongley leg. The boat did look a lot better after the clean up, and while it still needs a bit more doing it no longer looks like an abandoned boat. Lesley set about cleaning the ceilings and wooden surfaces and did a grand job.

This time of year we normally spend the evenings sat on the bank behind the boat watching the bats zooming around, but so far it has been too cold and damp to.

We stayed until Sunday and left about 11:30. I have a list of jobs to do to get Martha back to where I want her. The boat has to have what can only be described as an MOT every 3 years, this is called a Boat Safety Certificate and Martha is now due. So I have a few jobs to do to get her up to spec again and need to check the current rules.

I have not done much radio this week and didn’t take the radio to the boat this weekend, I even missed the radio club this week. I am a bit disappointed that the field weekend has been brought forward by about 3 weeks as it looks unlikely that I will be able to make it

Anyway its Sunday afternoon I’m writing this and its only 5 days or so till I can head up to Norfolk again to be on the boat, I’ll be going solo next weekend though.


An NSL and a Thamesdown  Transport Streetlite and one of Metrolines Routemasters
An NSL and a Thamesdown Transport Streetlite and one of Metrolines Routemasters










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