Two wheels on my wagon

yet another blistering week at work, I’m beginning to wonder why I am sticking around, watch this space.

A bit sad this weekend because the Radio club field weekend was moved to this weekend and unfortunately I was unable to attend. I had everything planned for the original weekend at the end of the month but unfortunately this was changed and the trip brought forward to this weekend and I only had about 2 weeks notice of this so was unable to re-arrange things to suit. I was disappointed because this is one of my favourite aspects of the hobby, still it wasn’t to be avoided.

Sunday was quite a nice day so I took the bike out for a local ride. Cycling is a good exercise for getting over a broken leg as there is no impact and with the gears you can keep the load on your leg within acceptable limits.

I set off to do the 3.5 mile circuit I used to do just to keep my legs spinning years ago there are a couple of short hilly bits which help put you under a bit of pressure but not too hilly as to exhaust you. I was using a Carrera Hybrid bike I bought for my son a few years ago but he never used, I swapped a laptop with him so that it became mine. I have only used it a couple of times and as such I have not adjusted the bike to suit me, so the first ride was more of a finding out ride. I found the saddle uncomfortable and the gears/handlebar set up not to my liking, the bike also did not have a speedo, I have to have something to measure my effort so this was important that I get one fitted. I did the ride in about 22 minutes which wasn’t too bad considering a) I am getting over my broken leg and ankle b) I haven’t ridden a bike sine last year. Anyway on my return I set about with my allen keys to make the bike more useable to me. The seat pitch was angled up at the front, I’ve never ridden this way, can’t get comfortable this way so this was easily adjusted. All the handlebars needed was tilting to make the SRAM gearchangers more easily accessible which I did. I had a speedo sitting in my toolbox which I duly fitted and tested. The speedo is a wireless one and to be honest I don’t like the delay on the speed reading, but we’ll see how it goes, if I can’t get on with it I’ll fit a wire one.

Once all the adjustments were made I took my steed out again and tried out the new bike settings, I did the route in 20 minutes dead, I was puffing a bit but my leg was feeling good. I did get out of the saddle a couple of times and it held up well. The bike felt better with the new adjustments and as has been said, the jury’s out on the speedo.

I have started making plans to pull down my old breeze block shed and build a new wooden one. The aim is to move my radio equipment in their once it’s finished and have the shack outside. When I first got licensed in 2007 I had my radios in the shed and I quite liked it, I moved the radios inside the house around 2009  and have been happy with them in the house but having them in the shed will make them more accessible to me. I will also get a little wood burning stove for the winter, it will be quite cosy when it’s all sorted out.

Today is Father’s day and I have had a good day, unfortunately it does make me think of my own Father, not that we ever did anything special for Fathers day, I still think of him most days but today of all days is more poignant, So wherever you ended up Pat, I look forward to seeing you again.

2013-06-16 21.06.46









I have a few meetings next week including a trip to Manchester to visit Siemens. I will also be on duty at the radio club next week as we have an open day on Saturday and we are also working from Harlow Museum as a special event station on the Sunday.

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