Borismaster-New Routemaster-NB4L whatever you want to call it

I have my head down quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. The main reason for this is the introduction of 32 new Boris buses into Metroline Holloway. As you may or may not be aware I work for the company that builds these buses and look after all after sales problems that may arise after the buses leave the factory

Boris Buses waiting to go into service


NBfL’s sitting at PV the day before moving off to Holloway. The guy in the centre of the picture has just finished fitting the blinds



There was a fair amount of snagging work to get them ready but the engineers worked their arses off to get them ready an on Saturday they rolled into service. This is still a very new product and teething problems will occur. The plan is to have 600 of these on London’s streets by 2017. Watch this space.

In other news the Radio club had station at the Harlow Museum Festival, it was a very good set up with both HF and VHF stations. The conditions weren’t great but we still managed a few contacts.

I think as I get older I am finding that I like people less and less, I’m not sure why that is but there is definately something going on up there in my old swede.


Message ends—————————–





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