Life’s good

Things are starting to settle down now with the 32 new Borisbuses, there are still a few teething problems to sort out but it is certainly going the right way. The lost mileage has been decreasing all week and the amount of defects being reported to us overnight is also going down. I reckon another week or so and it will be business as usual, then we just have to wait for the next 32 in September. I have to visit Holloway tomorrow to meet some Dutchmen and get one of the last niggling problems sorted out.

LT39 at North Wembley
LT39 at North Wembley


LT39 having its battery pack repaired at North Wembley







In other news things are looking good, the missus responded to one of those ads on the telly for claiming back miss sold PPI. She had a real result, a five figure settlement. This has meant that she is now able to reduce her weekly working hours by 2 days which will mean a massive change for her and, to a certain extent, me.

For the first time in a little while there has been a noticeable change in the recovery of my broken leg and I actually feel that it is getting better.

I have a couple of challenges over the next month:

Firstly I am going to build a new radio shack, I moved out of my shed to the loft about 5 years ago, but after my accident it has dawned on me how how far out of reach my radios can be. My current shed was built by me and my son about 12 years ago, its build from breeze blocks and unfortunately I never made the foundations deep enough so its starting to lean.

The new shed/shack will have nice deep footings but will be timber built, which will make it easier for me to make the finish look good

Secondly my Boat Martha needs a boat safety certificate, a sort of MOT for boats. I wont have too much to get her through this year, its still pretty nerveracking all the same.


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