Almost through the other side

I’ve had an awful couple of weeks. It is all well documented in the press about temperature levels on the new Borisbuses so I won’t go on about it, suffice it to say that as of Saturday morning all the new routemasters on the road have had their AC systems resolved. I for one am glad of the peace and quiet now the complaints seem to be dying down.

In 1997 my son and I built a breeze block shed and when first licensed I used this as a shack for my radio, after a year I moved into the kitchen and then into loft. I have missed the shed. One of the main reasons is that Lesley works odd hours and me hollering CQ on the radio does not add to marital harmony at 06:00. So I have decided to go back to the shed, albeit a new improved shed. In my haste to build the breeze block shed back in 97, I didn’t make the foundations deep enough suffice it to say that the shed is listing a bit.

I decided that I would build a wooden shed/shack this time round but of course this means ripping the old breeze block one down first. What has amazed me is the amount of crap I have stored over the past 16 years. It has taken me about three weeks to get rid of most of it, and while I have found and sold some little gems on eBay, the vast majority is rubbish, and still I can’t bring myself to throw it. I have useless bits of crap I picked up when I was an apprentice coach mechanic and I seem to have placed a sentimental value on most of this. Having had to clear out my dad’s shed when he died I can appreciate how this sort of hoarding is meaningless to anyone other than the hoarder I have decided to be ruthless.

After a long weekend clearing the shed I should be able to start pulling it down this weekend. I will post some pictures as it progresses.


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