M0PHO/P Aylmers Weekend

My radio club’s second visit to Aylmers farm crept up on me this weekend. I hadn’t been looking forward to it for some reason, and as usual this ends up in a total lack of preparation on my part. I had backed myself into a corner by promising the club use of my trailer to transport the equipment from the club to the farm and back again, I think I did this to make sure I went as I don’t like to let people down.

Saturday morning saw me at the club with the trailer, I was there on my own and for the most part had the trailer loaded up by the time the rest of the gang had turned up.


My car on the right and Colin’s (G0AGO) on the right. I bought the trailer off of ebay to move bricks when I was knocking down my old shed, I had intended to sell it on ebay straight after, but three months on and I have found it so useful I can’t bring myself to get rid.


Once the others had turned up and picked up the fragile stuff we set off for the farm. The weather was a little breezy but it was sunny and warm. We quickly set about putting the station together, for those not familiar, this involves putting up a 30 foot mast, wiring up the antennas, erecting tents for the radios and amenities cooking etc. Luckily the guys that had turned up were old hands at it and those that weren’t were really useful. Installation team: Colin (G0MGU) Bob (G0AGO), John (G1OSI) , David and family, David (2E0DJD), Sid and me.

G6UT/P was QRV by 11:30z

We had quite a few visitors during the day all all pitched up and worked the station. The weather stayed good for the day and quite a few of us had red faces by the evening. Overnight there were 6 of us stopping and we had a few beers and a good laugh, my sides are still hurting as I type. Most of it was schoolboy humour, the sort of stuff you wonder why you found it funny the day after.

I took my 817 along and tried working CW but to no avail, even on the qrp frequencies I had no joy. There was a contest on and 40m was absolutely rammed, my 817 does not have sufficient filtering to cope with the noise. It cemented my decision to get rid of the 817 and get an 897, just to give me the extra kick when it’s needed..


Sunday was a much quieter affair with no new visitors. We worked quite a few stations over the weekend with plenty of across the pond contacts

By 15:00 we had dismantled the station and were on our way back to Harlow


The clear up crew L to R Steve G6ART, Colin G0MGU, Sid G1SKD, Ken G0HRR, John G1OSI, Bob G0AGO, David 2E0DJD.

Thanks for a great weekend. Oh and where was Alf during all this, see below:



Alfie having a drink from the bucket I keep my beers cool with





Alfie seeking shade under my Land Rover





Message ends—————————————————sk

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