Where does the time go?

This week saw my youngest reach the age of 24, I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. We’re not big on celebration, more’s the pity, in my house so it was a quiet affair. I think she’ll enjoy herself when she goes to Marrakesh in a couple of weeks time.

Work keeps on unabated and we are just about to take delivery of the 2nd big batch of Borisbuses destined for Go-Ahead’s Stockwell garage. I have my fingers crossed that the problems encountered on the last batch have been ironed out for this batch.

I have just had my annual audit at work and my stock is adrift by the equivalent of the GDP of a medium sized African state. I have spent the last week trying to reconcile the shortfall before I pass it back across to head office. So its a case of watch this space, I’m not confident that I’ll be able to ride this one out. To cap it all, while I was off on Friday, I got a call from my Supervisor to tell me that some pikey’s had blantantly pulled up outside the workshop and stole two brand new bus batteries and drove off. Another £1000 on the stock deficit.

My last uncle passed away last week, Uncle Pat, he was married to my Dad’s sister Kath. He was getting on and he had a good life I never went to the funeral, I am struggling with social situations at the moment. I will pop round and see aunt Kath in a couple of weeks time. My Brother Pat went and passed on my apologies for non-attendance. I had a chat with Pat in the week and he just christened his second grand child last Sunday, again I stayed away for the reason mentioned previously.

Progress on the shack continues and it is now wired up and one side has the panelling and insulation in place. I think the radio’s will be in by mid September and I am looking forward to operating from the shed again.

While working on the shack this weekend my daughter drew my attention to a caterpillar in one of the planters, on closer inspection we spotted about 50 of these, I looked them up and found out they were the larvae of the Large White Catterpillar. This has cheered me up no end. I love wildlife and this has been a sort of validation to the work we have put in on the garden this year, that a wild insect has chosen to lay some eggs in our garden. I think they may have hatched a bit late and I may try to grow some on in captivity if the weather gets worse.

CW classses started last week with a change of day to Wednesday instead of Thursday. I am still hovering  around 16 wpm and need a kick to increase my speed.





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