I must be getting old

I’ve had a pretty ropey week this week. I applied for a job one which I was more than capable of doing, but found out from an insider on Friday that I was going to be sidelined because of my age. This came as a bit of a shock to me as I have rarely been rejected for jobs I have applied for and I regularly get approached and asked if I would like a job.

So apparently I am now too old to consider employing, this, is a bit of a bastard!

Friday night saw me say something which has made me have to consdier my position on the committee of the local radio club. This is a shame as I have enjoyed my time at HADARS, but it won’t be the first time my mouth has got me into trouble. I have a meeting with the rest of the committee next week to work out if I can remain in my post.

The weather has certainly turned and I can feel Autumn’s fingers stretching out, I do like Autumn, it is probably my favourite time of the year, so I am looking forward to some long walks with Alfie in October.

The 2013 death toll continues unabated with one of my neighbours shuffling off this week. I can’t remember a year where so many people I know have died. I am hoping that 2014 will be a better year.

The radio has been a bit more upbeat this weekend, I managed to work a few US and Canadian stations, I also managed a station in Georgia (former Soviet Republic) 4L0G, I’ve not heard a Georgian station since 2009. I also had a count up of the total number of countries I have worked, and it’s not that good, in 6 years I have worked 80 countires, that may sound like a lot but one of my friends has worked 125 so far this year! I need to get my finger out I think.

I did karate for more years than I care to remember and as such have built up a good selection of books, which I no longer use. I decided to put them on eBay, I thought I batch them into bundles of 4 and start them at £4 and see where it goes. While sitting there I checked the two books on the top of the pile and see what they were fetching on eBay. Just as well I did,  the first one was in limited supply and normally goes for around £50. The second one is out of print and goes in the region of £25. So I have decided to review my sales strategy. I’ll be putting them on singularly. I have also got 2 generators, 20 bars of body repairs solder and my old FT-817. So eBay will get a bit of a bashing next week.

Morse classes started up again for me last week and it went very well, I am now receiving at around 15wpm. I have to now start practising my sending a bit more because I can now receive faster than I can send.


Message ends————————————————-VA


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