Blast from the past

A very busy last week with the added bonus of knowing I was going to be off for a week at the end of it.

During a quiet spell I found myself poking around facebook when I came across a page for ex-Wallace Arnold staff who had died. I posted a picture of my father and put a few words up. Within half an hour I was contacted by an old friend who I had lost contact with 30 years ago. It’s been really nice catching up and being able to close off a few questions I had.

Morse continues to improve and I have managed a few QSO’s , my problems seem to be with my sending, I tend to get a bit tense about 2 overs in and start mis-tapping. This will improve with practice. I tried again on Sunday but unfortunately there was a contest on 40m and I can’t see the point of a rubber stamp QSO “5nn 73”! I did manage an Algerian and a Belearic station on Sunday afternoon on 12m and 15m.

As I type I should be looking forward to a week off, however I recieved a call this afternoon from Camberwell bus garage to state that one of their brand new Borisbuses had been involved in a very serious incident, the driver had to be cut from the cab and apparently 12 people were injured. The thing that really galls me with this is that the driver generally makes an allegation against the brakes. I have been in transport for more than 36 years and in all my time being involved in alleged brake failures I have never found one that stood up, and only one driver ever told me the truth. He was a guy called Harry who worked at RHM, and he said word for word “Paul, I was driving down Ilford High Road and I spotted a bird on the other side of the road with a short skirt and then I looked back and the car in front had stopped” No disciplinary action was ever taken against Harry because he saved us a few quid in investigating the claim and calling in VOSA etc.

The contact from my old friend has made me very nostalgic this week and I have thought about stacks of stuff I wouldn’t normally think about, it’s funny how things turn out, loads and loads of what ifs, if I had a time machine.

My youngest went off to Marrakesh today for a weeks holiday, I dropped her off at her friends place near Gatwick. I have just received a text from her 21:00 to say she has landed and it’s very warm.

I have decided to start getting out on the bike again so I am going to get my training planner back out again and get it back on track. Where’s my Lycra?

Message ends————————————————————VA



  1. I was a Javelin CC member in 1963. Still in contact with some of the old members. Did you know Vic Purcell who started the club originally, he was about 35 in 1963/4. His wife was Vi………I did a few tours with them and club runs…….Do you also know the original history of the club? It started out as The Greenrose CC…More info if you need it. Cheers, Graham Adams


    1. Hello Graham,

      Thanks for the post, I was a member from about 1974 to 1978. George Matthews was running the show at this time, we used to meet at Durning hall Forest Gate on Tuesday evenings and then either meet up at the Woolwich Ferry or Ilford broadway on Sundays. I am still in contact with a couple of member from my time Steve Stuart and Narinder Johal. Do you still rode Graham



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