Quality over Quantity?

While lounging around this weekend, due to my back, I found out that I can upload my radio logbook directly to the web.

My yearly tally of contacts has been to the front of my mind of late, after talking to one of the local hams recently about number of countries contacted, I was astounded at his claim of 125 countries so far this year (on 10 Watts). I decided to have a tally up myself, I have put some raw details at the bottom of this page. The upshot is that I have had a total of 293 contact during the last year which is made up of 45 different countries (10 different CQ zones). I think the only thing I take from this is that I must try harder, but you have to take into consideration the 6 weeks I had off due to a broken leg. I am expecting this to improve over the coming twelve months due to the re-location of the shack.

During the field weekend at Aylmers farm I had a rubbish weekend QSOwise, mainly due to a contest being on and me only having a QRP rig to use. I decided after this that I would get a portable rig with a bit more power which gives to the option of being heard. Well this week my secondhand FT-897 arrived, this is a rig made by Yaesu, I like Yeasu equipment. It has all bands from top band right up to 70 cms. The rig has a power output from 5 watts to 100 watts on side band and up to 50 watts on CW so it will give me that exrta kick when I am out portable. I will keep the 817 for the time being.


The Numbers Oct 2012-Sep 2013

Number of QSO’s      293

Top Ten Countries Worked


1 European Russia 53
2 Ukraine 33
3 Italy 25
4 Spain 23
5 England 17
6 Poland 16
7 Hungary 11
8 Slovak Republic 9
9 United States of America 9
10 Czech Republic 7

Bands Used



















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