Another year older

This week saw my 53rd birthday arrive, it was a bit of a let down as my daughter had treated us to tickets to go to the top of the Shard. She booked it a couple of months ago, but unfortunately due to my back I was unable to go, and she didn’t want to go on her own. So that was a bit of a let down. On the plus side my oldest and dearest friend Guiseppe paid me a visit, it was great to see him for although we speak on a weekly basis, I haven’t seen the old fella for a year or two. Guiseppe’s birthday is two days before mine, and he is a year older than me, so there’s never an excuse to forget each others birthday. It was great to see him, there is something about being constant friends for more than 30 years is that the conversation is easy, open and sometimes quite blunt, but there is no need to worry about feelings as you both know each other so well. Photo 05-10-2013 15 10 05

It was great to see Guiseppe and I have somehow agreed to go on his annual piss up to Ostende in March next year, watch this space.


As far as radio goes I have managed a few QSO’s this week both on CW and PSK31. I also got my membership pack from FIST’s which is a club based on ensuring that the Morse mode of radio operation is maintained and does not didappear. A few years ago it was a requirement of the radio licence (if you wanted HF entitlement) that you had to pass a 12wpm morse test. This was dropped and there was a general decline in the use of this mode. I don’t think this a reflection on people getting licenced after this date as most of the G0’s I know never touched morse once they passed the test.

I am just enjoying a glass of wine as I prepare for the week ahead, because of my back I have spent the week working from home, so I have no idea what I will be walking into tomorrow.

In other news I looked at my little brothers twitter yesterday, you may remember that me and Alan have become estranged on account of my not going to his wedding 5 years ago. I have tried to talk to him a couple of times but he has made a big thing about ignoring me, the normal stuff “you’re dead to me blah blah blah”. So I had to chuckle that all this time on he is still bleating to anyone who’ll listen about this, I cannot fathom this out, if he has moved on, as he keeps telling everyone, why does he bring this up at every opportunity. I can only think he gets some sort of kick out of acting the martyr, the disappointing thing for me is that he has never given me the opportunity to apologise and explain why, some brother!

An interesting point, he bleats on to all and sundry about Karma, and like most people who do this has very little knowledge of what Karma is really about. Anyway last year he had a look at my twitter account and spotted that I had broken my leg, he then posted that it was a pity I hadn’t broken my neck as it would have done us all a favour. About two months later he broke his toe and ended up with Spondolitis which is a neck problem, how’s that for “Karma”? Anyway time to put a dent in my bottle of red, till the next time ———————–VA

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