M0PHO QRV! well sort of

I bit the bullet this weekend decided to get stuck in and get the radios rigged up in the new shack. I was battling the rain for most of the weekend. It not a good idea to be playing around with a 240v circular saw when the rain is coming down.

Saturday saw me finish lining the inside of the shack and putting a piece of glass in the panel next to the door. I wont bore you with the details suffice it to say that two attempts to buy some glass cut to size ended up with two vastly different sized pieces of glass, the first piece I ordered was 650mm wide instead of 165mm, the second piece was 65mm wide. I played the white man and payed for both pieces not highlighting the fact that the second piece was wrong. The guy in the shop was great and said it wasn’t a problem but I wanted the second piece so that I could cut it down to the correct size. I cut it myself on Saturday and was running out of glass when the third piece I cut came out right and I was able to fit it. On Sunday I made up the radio bench and decided to stack the radio’s as opposed to side by side in order to save space. It turned out very well and by about 16:00hrs I managed to get the 2m rig up and running and have  aqso with G1OSI and 2E0DJD. I haven’t set up 70cm yet as I have to rewire the rotator controller but that can wait. I got HF set up but I think I have a loose connection because it tuned up as normal but when I went to tune it on 80m and it all went wrong and would not tune on any band after that, so I’ll check the connections this week.

The wife is going to buy me a wood burning stove for the shack and I can’t wait, as compared to the loft it’s bleedin freezing out there.

The back seems to be ok now I am just trying to get the leg better after overloading it while my back was playing up.

Right it’s Sunday night and I am going to make the most of what’s left of my weekend off


Message ends———————————————————————————–VA


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