Not a great deal to report really

Another week flashes by and I haven’t got much to say I’m afraid.

This week has seen an epic opening on the 10 metre band and I have managed to miss it, I am only hoping it holds out till the weekend when I have some time to play radio. The shack is now fully operational, well almost. My wife took me to get my Christmas present on Saturday,yes I know it’s only october. She bought me a wood burning stove for the shed to keep me warm over the cold winter months. I have assembled the stove and sealed it I now have to sort out flue. I am left with the choice of feeding it out through the side of the shed or going through the roof. The side of the shed is probably the best way to avoid any water leaks back into the shed, but due to the angles involved it restricts where I have to base the stove. Going out through the roof makes a much easier run on the flue, however this will mean going straight through the roof. This sets me up for a life time of leaks etc if I don’t get it right. I’ll start measuring up this weekend, pictures to follow.

I have the weekend to myself this week as Lesley and Toni are off up to Doncaster to visit the in-laws, I am taking them up tomorrow (Thursday) and coming straight back. So it will be just me and Alf.

In other news, I had an interview today, it was a bit odd as I knew both the interviewers, as with all interviews of this type it’s always a bit difficult to gauge how it went, well it is for me. I should know in a week or two, I would really like to get the job but I’m not holding my breath.

Message ends__________________________________________________VA

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