Stuck in his Thumb, and pulled out a plum

Radio related post this week.

I played a bit of radio this weekend and had an unexpected windfall. Firstly I took part in the CQWW radio contest on Saturday. I don’t think I have ever seen the radio so busy, I had to narrow down my sideband filters to about 1800hz as you couldn’t find a clear spot on any band. I managed about 25 contacts and around 7 zones. It’s hardly record breaking but I enjoy trying to get through the piles up’s, that is until I get bored with it and go an do something else. Unfortunately the bands were that busy there was little point in trying anything else.

I tool Alf for his walk on Saturday and bumped into a friend, also a chocolate lab owner. He told me that his niece had just bought a house and in the garden was a radio mast, it turns out that she want’s it out of the house and it was mine if I wanted. I asked how much she wanted for it and Keith said she would be pleased to see the back of it no money needed! I was suprised when I heard where the mast was, it turns out the house was next to one where some friends lived, I remember the mast having a mag loop antenna on it because I had contemplated knocking on the front door and asking about the performance of the mag loop, I never did pluck up the courage. Anyway Saturday afternoon I took a run over to the house to take a look at the mast and was pleasantly surprised to see the mag-loop still attached. I was also over the moon to see that the mast was a tennamast 10m extendable tilt over mast. I spoke to the new owner and Keith suggested, she was only too please to see the back of the mast. Me and Pat came back on the Sunday and within about 2 hours we had the mast in pieces and ready for the short journey back to my home, once again the trailer came in handy for this. The only drawback is that the base has been cemented in and will take a fair bit of work to dig out. My options are buying a new post and cutting out the old post or renting a Kango and digging the old post out.

The mast is now lying in pieces in my back garden while I attempt to convince Lesley that it will look much smaller once it’s erected.

As it stands I now have to find out about the base as well as how the mag loop operates and take it from there.


Message ends———————————————————————————-VA

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