An update for last week’s post first.

It turns out that the mast I picked up is not a Tennamast, it is a lattice design and tilts over but it is not a tennamast, so I have to do some more research to try and find out who made it, but I think its a bit older that I first thought.

Talking to a few of the local hams about my windfall and it turned out that one of the locals has the control box for the loop antenna which was attached to the mast, he took it when Tom (the ham who had the mast) died. He kept it in case a local ham ended up with the antenna. Lucky Paul.

I managed to get to the boat this weekend, without Alf, but with Lesley. Earlier in the week we had very high winds in this part of the country so I needed to get up to make sure Martha was still in one piece. Martha was still in one piece, although looking the worse for wear, we have not been up to Norfolk since May so poor old Martha is looking a bit tatty. I covered her over over to keep her dry and to fend off the worst of the weather. I will go back up before Christmas as I have some boat safety work to do.Watch this space!

Sunday saw me making a concerted effort to get the wood burning stove installed and functional. Unfortunately one of the tasks involves a discipline I am totally crap at, throwing out junk!

It was very hard but I managed out 4 black bags worth of inanimate objects that for some reason I have placed an emotional attachment to. The second thing I was not looking forward to was making a hole in my perfectly good roof to allow the flue to exit the shack. I am hoping that the roof doesn’t start leaking

About one o’clock I lit the stove and was very happy with the amount of heat the stove kicks out, I can see I’ll have no problems once the temperature drops, in fact I’m looking forward to it. The stove will take some getting used to to as you can adjust the burn rate and this is a little tricky at the moment or at least until I get used to the stove.

I have stacks of wood left over from building the shack so I should be ok for a while, I also have some wood from when I cut down my last conifer a couple of years ago, this should be well seasoned now and be ok to burn. There is also a lot of wood in my local woods which I can cut down and store.

Busy week next week with a visit to Manchester on Tuesday to have a meeting with Siemens.

Message ends—————————————————————————VA


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