Roll on Christmas!

We are now at the end of the first week of December, you would think that Christmas was two days away. I have ventured up to out town centre twice this week and I am already fed up with seasonal songs. Next week and every week until Christmas we will be taking customers out for the evening. These vary wildly between companies. Some make really overdue it, for instance when we go into the pub some guys are asking for triple bacardi and cokes, while other companies offer to help out with the bill. Either way my liver will take a bit of a bashing.

Things are getting very interesting at work, but I can’t say too much on that for commercial reasons, needless to say 2014 is already panning out to be an interesting year. Another NBfL route went live this weekend with another batch of buses running out of Holloway. No more route changes till the end of January.

The radio has been a bit quiet of late due to workloads not allowing me time to get into the shack. Since moving the shack I haven’t been able to do any PSK. I run PSK through my computer which is in the loft in my old shack, I don’t really want to put that computer into my new shack so I have been trying to couple my laptop to my radio, unsuccessfully. My son overhauled an old desktop for me recently, I need it for the serial port, and hopefully I should have this up and running in the next week or so.

My CW practise has taken a back step of late again due to workloads, but this past week I have managed to get some practice in, the surprising thing is it hasn’t taken me long to get back to my previous standard. I was rewarded this weekend with a QSO with a special events station in Leicester. I also made this contact on the 30 metre band which is restricted to morse and datamodes only. The other bonus was that I was also able to get his worked all Britain square number (WAB). So SK50 is my first entry into my WAB log, 1 down 299 to go. So the practice must continue as well as the regular QSO’s with the slower participants.

That’ll do for now—————————————————————————–VA

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