Soon be Christmas

Me and my boss took a customer out this week. We ended up in a Brazilian restaurant in Pimlico. It was a bit of an odd experience, the idea is that you go to the buffet and choose from a selection of vegetables and salad and return to your table, then the waiters come round with meat on a skewer and cut it off for you. This wasn’t bad, probably ideal for people on the Atkins diet, but after the guys had been around about four times it began to get a bit familiar. I mean the meat was good, and very bloody which is how I like it, but after a while its all a bit the same. I must admit the following day saw me thinking about going vegetarian again. Both me and Lesley went vegetarian for about 3 years nearly 20 years ago, sadly I fell off the wagon first and after I went Lesley followed. I’m not sure if I could do it again as I love fish and Lamb, it was lamb that tipped me over the edge all those years ago. Anyway I’m not committing to major change just yet, but it certainly seems to be at the front of my mind at the moment. I suppose booze and food are about all I have left to give up. Watch this space.

2013-12-09 12.26.23

Left: LT81 arrives at Wembley from Stamford Brook to have it’s Battery Pack changed





My CW (Morse) practice has begun again in earnest and this was rewarded on Sunday with two contacts, one after the other on 40 metres. One was with a German Station and the second was with a Swiss station. I’m very pleased with this because I normally have to have a break after each contact, one because my wrist aches and secondly because my brain is frazzled. A QSO (conversation) using morse generally takes around 15-20 minutes, so the wrist does go through it a bit when you’re new to CW.

I got a call from the radio club chairman this week as he was getting rod of a settee and thought it would be useful at the club HQ. So Saturday I took the trailer to Jon’s house and picked up his old settee and took it to the barn. We managed to get it up the stairs, just the two of us and once in its final resting place it looked well. It will be a much used piece of furniture I believe.

I haven’t mentioned the dog for a while so I suppose now is about time. Alfie continues to grow although I think he must be about there now as far a growth goes, he weighs in at 5 and a half stone and he is quite lean. I think you have to be careful with Labradors as I think they can get fat quite easily. I meet up with a couple of Lab owners every Saturday and Sunday and the dogs have a tear up together and burn off some of that energy they are renowned for.

2013-11-16 07.24.12

Alf (in red collar) and Coco both holding onto a log. They tease each other with logs or branches, once one has a branch, the other one wants it



2013-08-16 14.49.45





Alfie has turned into a good looking dog




Anyway one more customer to dine next week, last year we went to Chinatown and had a meal, it was a very nice evening, I’m hoping it will be the same as last year.

That will do for now

Message ends—————————————————————————————VA



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