Good Riddance 2013, welcome 2014

So here we are in 2014, I have to say I won’t be sorry to see the back of 2013, it has to be the worst 12 month run that I can remember starting the year with a broken leg and then a steady run of people I know/knew passing away, all way before their time. Anyway 2014 is now upon us and with it comes all the expectations perhaps better times so fingers crossed.

As with any new year there should be some goals laid out for the coming months, and these are mine, mostly radio related.

1. To continue with the morse but to aim for seven QSO’s per week/ one per day.

2. To get out portable a bit more this year, I have no excuses, I have two perfectly good portable rigs, an FT-817 and an FT-897 so I don’t really have much to hold me back, the plan is one trip per month.

3.  To take part in at least one UKAC contest per month, I normally take part in the 70cm contest but this is sporadic to say the least.

4. To visit the boat more often, last year was a complete washout as far as the boat was concerned last year. This was mainly due to ill health and workloads. I aim to visit at least once a month this year, and at least twice per month during the summer.

5. For the first time ever to use up my holiday entitlement, this year I managed  8 days holiday, giving back 15 days to the company.

Anyway, that’s the plan. In other news, the radio club has had an offer to operate portable from an old Fort in Northern Ireland in the summer. To my knowledge apart from the field weekends this is the farthest the club has ever considered operating before. I have been knocking up some costs it doesn’t seem too bad, but whether any of the club members will want to attend has yet to be established. This is a common problem with radio clubs these days, we have an ageing membership and while we are still a very active club, for many of the elder members they have already seen or done it so have little interest in anything new. The main question will be whether to fly or not, a sea crossing at that time of year will cost around £350 plus fuel, however this will limit the number of people who can attend. Flying on the other hand will cost about £100 per person but will allow as many people to go as wants, however we will suffer some excess baggage charges as well as lack of mobility at the other end. I will put forward my findings at the club meeting on Friday and we shall see how it goes from there.

That’ll do for now

Message ends————————————————————————–VA

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