February already

Well 2014 is picking up a pace with January already out of the way. The rain continues and there is hardly fields in the local area that are walkable, apparently it is the wettest January since records began. We also have more forecast for next week, so the way things are going I doubt we’ll see any snow this side of December.

My radio activity has been a bit quiet this week mainly due to work commitments, but I have set myself the task of having 28 CW contacts through February, one per day. As I write this I am already two behind. I aim to catch this up next week.

I have decided to turn my old shack into my electronics workshop. My new shack doesn’t ave enough room to house all my radio equipment as well as my test equipment. So today I have been sorting out my office/workshop, the main driver for this was the vintage radio I bought last week from eBay. It is a C1948 Etronic medium and short wave valve radio. There is nothing like a valve radio set from the hum to the glow you get from the valves through the back. I have been after one for some time but I kept getting pipped at the post. The chap selling the radio was about ten minutes from my workplace so I managed to save a tenner on the postage, which meant I could go a bit higher on the bidding. I am very pleased the set it has a lovely sound and is in full working order. I was a bit concerned at first because I couldn’t tune the radio below 900KHz. I was a bit disappointed because I like Radio four and this is around 750KHz. I moved the radio upstairs and after a fiddle with the wire antenna and in came radio four as well a a whole raft of other stations right to the bottom of the band. The radio likes it better upstairs and I can’t wait to listen to Sailing By, BBC4’s closing down music. It’s a shame the World Service no longer play Lilly Bolero.

We had an EGM at the radio club on Friday, the main bone of contention was whether or not we should allow non-members to the club AGM’s. It was decided that there should be a change to the constitution not to allow non-members to attend. We had a good night and most of the talk centered around a member who had decided to leave the club but also left some derogatory comments on his QRZ page. Most of the guys present were quite upset about this as this particular member had a lot of assistance from various members to help him gain his full license. He is expected back at some stage but I think there will be some discussion about whether or not he should be welcomed open arms.The lads were getting ready for a trip to Canvey Island Radio Rally, I went last year for the first time, but in all honesty I thought it was quite badly organised, so didn’t fancy it this year, I also don’t need any radio equipment so thought I’d give it a miss.

Saturday saw me spending the day with my daughter looking for a car. We covered a lot of mileage and after a few lemons we managed to find a cracking little car out a Little Canfield (nr Stansted Airport). The car is in very good condition for its age with very low mileage and Toni fell in love with it straight away. We were under a bit of pressure because not long after we turned up to other people turned up to look at the car, both very interested. We took the motor for a spin and it ran very well so rather than shop around and come back to find the car sold Toni decided to go for it and promptly paid for it. I felt sorry for the other people who wanted the car but it has happened to me before so it was nice to be on the winning team.

I’m going to take a day off next week, probably Friday to go to the boat to replace the fuel lines, I should have gone today but Lesley had other plans.

An old friend of mine is working in Harlow next wek and there are plans to meet up for a couple of beers in the week, I look forward to that.

Message ends——————————————————————————————-va

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