Another car on the drive!

Radio has been quiet of late, I am already 11 qso’s behind on my February challenge, and the month doesn’t look to be improving workwise. Radio activity has been that quiet of late that one of my clubmates phoned me today at work to see if I was ok. The lack of radio however has spurred me on to do something with my antennas. I now plan to put up a scaffold pole where my swaged aluminium mast is, then I will put up the MFJ mag loop up and see how that performs. Anyway all that is for another (not too distant) day, I will of course attach photo’s of the end result.

Last weekend saw me driving all over Essex and Hertfordshire looking at cars for my youngest, we eventually settled on a mint green 5 door Vauxhall Corsa in the middle of nowhere, Little Canfield to be precise. The car had a couple of little jobs to do before we could pick it up, namely a water pump and front brake pads. I was presently suprised when the garage phoned me to say they would do the repairs for parts only. Being in the motor trade I was thinking here we go, they’ll make it up by charging a fortune for the parts, I couldn’t be more wrong, £12.50 for the pads and £40 for the water pump. It has restored my faith in the motor trade. Anyway, the problem with buying a car in the middle of nowhere is how do you manage to pick it up if you’re the only one in the family who drives. As luck had one of my friends from the radio club heard my plight and offered me and Toni a lift on Saturday morning,we were very grateful.

So we got to the garage on Saturday lunchtime and sure enough there was the car all polished up and ready to go. I had planned for Toni to drive us the 15 miles back to Harlow, bearing in mind I had no idea how good she was. Toni wasn’t too sure as it was a strange car so I said I’d drive it a bit of the way back and let her take over nearer home. I have to point out here that I am one of the worst passengers ever. There were only a couple of people I ever felt comfortable with as a passenger, my father and my little brother. So I felt sorry for Toni in advance.

I pulled up just outside Bishops Stortford in a layby on a busy road and swapped places, I was very pleasantly suprised. It would seem my daughter is going to a very good driver, I felt very comfortable straight away, and although she has some rough edges I know she will easily knock these off with a few more hours practice.

So my time this week is going to be taken up accompanying Toni as she gets used to her car and prepares for her driving test.

On Friday I took the day off and went up to Norfolk to carry out some repairs to the fuel filter pipes on my boat. A complete waste of time! I had failed to prepare properly and ended up parts short. Still it got me out for the day.

Well that’s about it for now


Message ends————————————————————————————va

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