Falling behind……

Well its the 22nd February and how am I doing on my goal to achieve 28 CW contacts by the end of the month? I haven’t had one!! Work and life in general has been very busy this month and unfortunately the radio is the thing that has had to play second fiddle. I’m not going to beat myself up over it, after all it is just a hobby.

I have been feeding my radio bug during all this non radio activity with Twitter. I don’t find Twitter as annoying as Facebook, I have self esteem issues and I can find some of the posts on Facebook a little demoralising. One of the things I like a bout Twitter is that I have built up quite a good group of other radio hams who I get a great deal of help and advice and even encouragement. I am also quite interested in nature,especially birds and again there are lots of good people to follow who post some really cracking pictures. I also enjoy reading my little brothers posts who has always been interested in nature seems to have really become an authority on some aspects of it.

Work has really ramped up of late, we are moving to a new workshop in the next 8 weeks, and the introduction of the Borisbuses (now officially known as New Routemaster NRM) carries on relentlessly. We now have 144 in service with another 30 being stored for implementation in March. Two big routes have just been announced with Route 38 becoming total NRM route of 65 buses, this should go live around May. Route 8 has also been announced for 36 buses to run out of Bow garage in June/July.

I now have my fuel lines made up for the boat and am going to make the journey to Norfolk later this morning.

I’ll report back on my return from the boat


Message ends————————————————————————————va



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